• Virtual & Real Money Gaming

    BLAZE SPORT™ supports RMG or virtual rewards (like new avatars, levels or extra spins). Whatever your players want to win, this systems delivers.

  • Stats, Stats, Stats

    With BLAZE SPORT™, players can get before-match and in-match data powered by one of the leading sports-data sources – SPORTRADAR.

  • Bet All Sports Types

    BLAZE SPORT™ supports real sport gaming (like soccer or the ponies), virtual sports (like football game simulations created by software) or e-sports (like FORTNITE).

  • 40+ Market Options

    Players can bet on more than 40 markets – from wagering on the 1st goal to the 1st quarter results to the match winner, they can bet on many outcomes.

  • Pre & In-Match Wagering

    A variety of bets can be placed before or after the competition begins – BLAZE SPORT™ supports pre-game and real-time wagering.

  • 50 Countries

    The system’s flexible design can be modified easily and quickly, to work in more than 50 countries. Sport betting is global – and BLAZE SPORT™ goes worldwide.

  • Bet Against The House or Players

    Depending on your preferences and local jurisdiction, BLAZE SPORT™ can be configured to allow betting against the house or against other players (P2P).