BLAZE SOCIALTM Virtual rewards casino gaming

  • Multi-Platform Integration

    Multi-Platform Integration

    BLAZE SOCIALTM works on a variety of social media platforms and App stores including Facebook, Google Play and Apple Play.

  • Multi-Channel Options

    Multi-Channel Options

    Keep playing your favorite games on any web-based device – Android, iOS or PC.

  • Captivating Games

    Captivating Games

    We offer a wide variety of luck and skill games. From traditional slots to multilevel, animated games. Our game portfolio has something to please everyone and we are adding games all the time.

  • BLAZE ELEMENTS back-end suite

    BLAZE ELEMENTS back-end suite

    You’ll enjoy access to BLAZE ELEMENTSTM, free of charge, with this platform. Please click HERE to learn about its reporting, player management and sophisticated analytics.

  • White Label Options

    White Label Options

    Use BLAZE SOCIALTM to create your own social casino, quickly. This product can be white labeled to target specific player demographics and aligns with your existing branding.

  • Secure & Scalable System

    Secure & Scalable System

    Our system is secure and flexible. Cloud-based gaming allows us to protect information more efficiently and our systems can support a few players or thousands, easily.

  • Jackpots & Leaderboards

    Jackpots & Leaderboards

    Motivate your customers to play more with leaderboards and increase play time with positive, intermittent reinforcement via a variety of jackpot structures.