BLAZE ELEMENTSTM Pre-built backend gaming components

  • API – Payout Algorithms & Game Bots

    API – Payout Algorithms & Game Bots

    Our API smoothly manages game logic with protocols and predefined payout algorithms. BLAZE ELEMENTSTM has a host of tools to make sure your payout math works.

  • Game Management

    Game Management

    Our gaming structure works with native or external games. No coding required. After easy onboarding, BLAZE ELEMENTSTM will manage reel configuration, payouts, bonuses and more.

  • Micro-Segmented Player Data

    Micro-Segmented Player Data

    BLAZE ELEMENTSTM captures a huge amount of data and let’s you sort it easily. Assess data by player, player type, dates, location, games or many other categories on your customized dashboard.

  • Player Management

    Player Management

    The system’s robust reporting capabilities allow you to engage different players, differently. From onboarding to inactivity to complaints, use BLAZE ELEMENTSTM to mange each.

  • Transaction History & Patterns

    Transaction History & Patterns

    Our system captures over 70 transactional data points … wins, losses, play duration, play frequency, location, game preference, wager size … just to name a few.

  • Monitor Player Behavior

    Monitor Player Behavior

    Maximize your operation by monitoring player behavior like bet size, time of play, length of play, game selection, money invested and more.

  • Multi-Dimensional Reporting

    Multi-Dimensional Reporting

    Keep your eye on the big picture with business reporting that monitors cash in, business performance, game popularity, player behavior and other key data to improve profitability.

  • Captivating Games

    Captivating Games

    We offer a wide variety of luck and skill games. From traditional slots to multilevel, animated games. Our game portfolio has something to please everyone and we are adding games all the time.